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Addictions Classroom

Where Are

Cravings Housed?

What is Toxic Psychosis?

Cocaine's Ability to Injure Neurotransmitters

Addictions Classroom

For the past months, I have been extremely busy building New Vison’s website Addiction Classroom.  Currently I’m separating topics and building different boards. Listed below are few of my special boards.

Q & A Board is not only an informative board but an interesting way to communicate. You ask the questions, I’ll research the answers via books, cataloged articles, international web sites and so forth.       

Grief and Grieving Board is designed to focus on grieving and grief during your child’s or loved-one’s addictions. This topic is designed to discuss the sensitivities of prolonged grieving.

The Book-Board, naturally this is one of my favorite boards. I can hardly wait to pin some of my most favorite books on this board. Hopefully I will get to interview some of these authors.

New Vision’s Addiction Classroom, will have multiple boards, all created with a robust passion for truth. Any one that knows me, will tell you, that I’m devoted to scientific research that encapsulates the whole truth about drug recovery. That is why I attend seminars, symposiums and at the same time network across the nation asking critical questions.                                                                                                                                                                                  

I really look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Suzanne Jackson Thomas


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Neurons Communicate Wrong Behavior

Brainstem Alters Breathing