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War for the Soul authored by Martin Britt, was highly recommended by my youngest son Todd, who discovered this book at Home of Grace, in Vancleave Mississippi, where he was attending HOG’s Addiction-Recovery program. The book emphasizes how mental strongholds. The thesis is learning how to assess destructive thoughts and simultaneously spiritually guarding your mind according to God‘s Word.

This is a very powerful resource book for individuals or support group recovery.                                                                                                                                      

War for the Soul, Martin D. Britt: Next Step Publishing Co. Ocean Springs MS.2010 

Good News for Chemically Dependent and all those who Love Them

I read Jeff Van Vonderen’s book, back in the late 90’s, when I was rock-bottom, desperate for answers. It took a couple of days, but I read the book from cover to cover. Seriously, every word he wrote grabbed my heart, and from that moment forward I have never read a book on Chemically Dependency that means so much to me.  

Today, almost twenty years later, “Good News for Chemically Dependent and all those who Love Them” never leaves my desk. It is the ABC’s of learning how to understand Substance Use Disorder.  This is my all-time number one book that I constantly recommend.  

Celebrate Recovery, written by John Baker, was among the first books that I pinned on my Book- Board. This is not another boring recovery-book that is devoted to positive actions and perfect social performances.  Instead this book has a solid Biblical foundation that illuminates the “Sermon on the Mount.” 

If you are interested in beginning a recovery group as part of your church ministry, I highly encourage you to order the teacher’s manual.         

John Baker. Celebrate Recovery: Zondervan: R.2012. WWW Celebrate Recovery program. Based on eight principles from the Beatitudes. Leaders Guide is available. Designed specifically for churches.       

Breaking Free is authored by Beth Moore. I purchased this book in 2000, and embarked on this life-changing journey of breaking free from self-defeating moods. At the time, I was trying to break free of habitual grieving. Thankfully the words on every page grabbed my heat, today, seventeen years later, I remain on this marvelous journey of total freedom, living life victoriously regardless the circumstances.


I recommend this superbly written book as an individual resource book or support group book.  Parents awaiting a prodigal’s return from drugs, this book is a must read.


Beth Moore, Breaking Free: B&H Pub. Nashville, Tn:2007

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