Roots of Recovery:  a foundation for drug recovery

    Yesterday, we lost the war on drugs. Today, our enemy, Compulsive Drug Abuse, has developed into an epidemic of neurological disease. Yet, outdated toxic treatments, that had no historical success in the past, remains as a 21-century drug treatment. The stale, out-of-date-rush-to-treat, opioid addiction has perpetuated disease throughout the last generations.  

    Today, New Vision’s Addictions Education will present updated research in the fields of science and nuclear medicine. Brain imaging allows us to view the internal damage caused by Compulsive Drug Use. That is why I constantly point to healthier drug treatments that fosters internal wellness and allows time for the healing of collapsed brain structures.  

    The great defeat in winning the war on drugs, perhaps is our lackadaisical understanding that drug toxins induce brain injuries and that causes disease. I keep informed on the ground breaking scientific research that frames Substance Use Disorder as an aggressive spreading disease. Just like the cardiologist promotes heart wellness, New Vision promotes brain wellness. I’ll question toxic drug treatments without the guidance of Addictions Specialist.         

    The future is here! I blog about the latest research that conceptualizes addictions and co-occurring disorders that requires full attention to wellness. I’ll include effective drug treatments that achieves leveling off opioids and wellness. I’ll blog about my favorite books on addictions, healthy lifestyles and overcoming grief and grieving.   

    Our website will feature authors, scientist, physicians and addiction specialist. Roots of Recovery will also include mental wellness for hurting family members, so I’ll be writing about: “End Enabling, How to Stop the Co-Dependent Life Style, and Overcoming Grief and Grieving, and Yesterday’s Mental Health Care that keeps us from winning the War on Drugs.

    Great success in winning the war on drugs, is ahead! 

    New Vision Begins at the Cross!

    Dr. Suzanne Thomas                                                                                 

    Director of Roots of Recovery the Addictions Education Division of New Vision

    WIFE (Women Involved for Enrichment) began in the late 80’s with an untested challenge from the West Tennessee regional mental health board, which I was a member. Tennessee’s drug problem was a growing nightmare. I espoused the concept of building a community volunteer networking within our drug culture taking resource material and teaching vital hands-on life lessons. We built a tiny coalition which reflected an old Hebrew Proverb; To save one mother is to save the children of the world. Educators, counselors and business people were our roots.   

    We are a Tennessee Faith Based Community Coalition Builder. Our educational goal is to constantly develop new teaching skills and new avenues to teach the nature and meaning of Addictions.

    We are a division of Addictions Education and Women’s resources.  We advocate for residential treatment facilities that primarily focuses on stabilization, recovering a new life style of sober living. We encourage facilities that include gainful employment. We are also an advocate of Life skills building structured family and community environments.                    

    We promotes New Vision’s research team that constantly catalogs drug-data and residential treatment facilities. Currently our team is building a web site that will stream our cataloged information on residential treatment facilities, testimonies, educational programming which will include the latest data on drugs that are being abused.   

    We will lobby for an ethical standard of mental health care be applied to the treatment of drug abuse.

    We believe that Substance Use Disorder demonstrates psychiatric, medical, and social symptoms. Therefore we question the current standard of mental health care in drug recovery treatment. Nuclear scanning of the brain demonstrates that it takes time for the brain to detox and heal. We believe short- term drug recovery treatment is substandard care.            

    We lobby for unbiased research on the harmful side-effects of chronic maintenance dosing. Toxins suspends the brain’s wellness and maturity.                 

    We are committed to an actionable path to addictions education.  We seek the most updated clinical data specifically structured with cutting edge science technology. As part of our education curriculum we present seminar speakers, physicians and specialized addictions experts. We will glean information from testimonies.                                     



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