Dr. Suzanne Thomas, Founder and Exec. Director New Vision's Addiction Education

A foundation dedicated to drug recovery.  My methodology presents current scientific research based in nuclear medicine which has proven drugs change the brain. Toxins decrease brain activity, changes the structures, pierces holes, creates dents, blackens regions and creates disease. I teach that drug recovery begins with understanding the medical aspects of mental illness.  Suzanne writes about Christ, the Healer.

  • Director of Roots of Recovery, Grief Recovery, a Christ centered response to grief and depression.     
  • Tennessee Faith Based Initiative member      
  • New Vision’s Special Events Planner
  • Public Speaker
  • Author  
  • Chairman of Tennessee Drug Awareness presented by Tennessee Federation of Republican Women
  • Serves on Freed Hardman University Advisory Board for Doctor of Behavioral Science        
  • Serves as Hardin County National Day of Prayer Representative 
  • Served on Tennessee’s Southwest Regional Health Care Board  
  • Teaches and writes Bible Studies at Pray Pottery in Iuka MS, 

My work at New Vision, represents my life’s dream. I’m radically blessed to see hurting individuals rescued from the drug culture and transported to a Christ centered environments.        

Randy Garza, Founder and Director New Vision Outreach

     I went through my transformation from a beaten down, strapped in bondage substance abuser to being set free by the power of Jesus Christ on 10-5-09 when God worked through my great-niece and nephew told me they were tired of watching their uncle get drunk every day. I have never looked back, nor do I intend on going back to the destructive lifestyle that I once lived for 35 years of my life.
     I immediately began an aggressive approach on my recovery by attending approximately 10 faith based recovery meetings a week over the next year, along with getting involved with a local church, and having strong spiritual men in my life.   In 10-1-2010, me and a group of Christians began a ministry, Loving Life, to assist people struggling with drug addictions. I was a part of that ministry for 4 years before leaving and taking a year to establish relationships with 22 residential recovery programs in 7 different states. Through God's guidance, I began New Vision Outreach in 3-1-2016 with a group of God fearing volunteers in which we want to rid our community from the destruction that drugs causes families. We just want to get people's minds clear from the toxicity of the chemicals induced in the brain and point them toward Jesus so they will have hope and strength while in recovery.


Lanell Coln, Research Consultant

December 27, 2013 changed my life in a way that I will never forget.  I had lived through losing my grandmother, brother-in-law, dad and sister to the feared word CANCER.  I had worked so hard for years as a volunteer with American Cancer Society/Relay for Life.  Then on this day in December I hear the fearful words, "Lanell, you have cancer".  I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  That changed my life from that day until now.

I spent months in the hospital, rehab and taking treatments.  I have been very blessed.  God had and still has a very special plan for me.  How do I know, because I am still here and cancer free.

I try to spend the days that God has given me in ways that I can give back to others.  I had the opportunity to be involved with New Vision Outreach.  I love the feeling of being able to help in ways that I never thought of before.  I work with a great group to help get people who are struggling in the choices they have made in life.  We work together to help them turn their lives around  and start a new life with Christ in the center of it.  We work with a wonderful group of Christ Centered Rehabs.

I enjoy researching the facilities.  It helps me to understand more about what we do and where the help is for the people who want to turn their lives around.