‚Äč    New Vision Outreach

  • We don't fix people, we show people how to let Christ heal them.
  • Networking across the nation discovering long term Christian based recovery facilities.
  • Providing research, education & information about Christian based facilities that offer numerous opportunities to work and pay for their recovery that include life skills training.
  • Transportation to facilities.
  • Blogging Testimonies.
  • Addiction classes, family wellness promotion.
  • Reaching out to judges, social workers, and ministers.
  • Visiting jails. 
  • Mentoring and Support Groups
  • Training for job interviews and assisting in finding a job.
  • Designing Christian events that include worship, testimonies and bible study.

New Vision Outreach

     Randy Garza

  • Director of Residential Christian Based Recovery
  • Linking New Vision across six south eastern states into long term care.  Some of these residential facilities include communities that provide housing, health care, education, jobs to recovering individuals and their families.
  • A highly qualified teacher of Life Skills
  • Speaker & Facilitator
  • Coordinator within the Judicial System
  • Provides transportation from jail to long term care residential recovery.