Mileage is based on round trip route.  The "route" begins in Savannah, TN to Pick up location of Participant, Delivery of Particiant to Recovery Faculity and Return to New Vision Home Office located in Savannah, TN.

Fees are all due 7 days prior to Transporation


You can mail a Check or Money order to the following Address:

        New Vision Outreach

        125 Pickwick St.

        Savannah, TN 38372

After meeting ALL Eligibility requirements above and you are interested in contacting our staff for transportation please

Click here to dowload and complete the application. 

Email it to

We will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.  Send those questions to the same email address and a memeber of our staff will be in contact with you.

Eligibility for Transportation to Residential Christ Centered Treatment Facilities

  • Individuals must have completed the initial stage of detox.   Symptoms within the withdrawal stage must have leveled off or stabilized.
  • No mind altering substance may be used during traveling to residential centers
  • Our transportation drivers are not professionally equipped to monitor individuals who are prescribed psychotropic drugs or medications.
  • There must be a minimum commitment of three months to residential center.
  • Individual must have the desire to address all aspects of drug abuse in recovery or treatment.
  • Counseling therapy will incorporate life therapy, be prepared to transition into a renewed life.
  • There must be a strong commitment to obeying the rules of the residential facilities.
  • Clients must comply to state and federal laws.
  • Clients must comply to New Vision's rules.


Fees include:

  • Mileage to Faculity - Current 2017 Rate is 54 cents per mile
  • Hotel Stay & Meals - $100
  • Probation Reporting - $25 per month based on time in Recovery
  • Administrative Fee - $100 used to Maintain and Submit all clerical work on behalf of participant 

                                               while in Recovery

Is there a cost for Transporation and New Vision's services?